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  "Lefo" Ltd is the sole authorized manufacturer in Bulgaria of the Dutch company Hunter Douglas wood blinds for luxury with gill width of 25 and 50 millimeters in rich colors.

   They are suitable design solution with different internal situations in the room and introduced a special charm, subtlety and warmth. May be different manifestations dose artistry in selecting the color of the wood and textiles, as the options are to be a key or a contrast.

  Roman blind or blind-type sail. Represents cornice of which is docked free cloth falling down, if necessary, can be raised to somewhere or completely. It is to be developed from natural material: flax, hemp, cotton or other to meet the current requirements. Possible implementation of material and the client. 

 Blinds are beautiful modern design, can be downloaded and pochistvat.Photos of Roman blinds, you can see menu in Gallery.